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What is Intercom? Everything You Need to Know


What is Intercom?

Intercom is a tool that helps you connect with your customers and users. It offers a free plan which allows you to install on multiple websites and apps, while the paid plans offer more specific features.

Additionally, Intercom is a plugin that provides SMS marketing services. It offers plugins that make it easy to import contacts, send notifications, and manage campaigns. Intercom also uses modern design and simple functionality to provide a better user experience.

Lastly, Intercom helps convert more customers with their automated meeting scheduler. It has amazing features like a business messenger that are so friendly and useful for both buyers and sellers.

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What can we do with Intercom?

Intercom offers a variety of platforms to help you communicate better with your customers. These include business messenger, management tools, customer data platform, applications and integrations.

Additionally, Intercom provides users with information on how often they use your product or website. This data can help determine whether or not customers are satisfied with your product.

There is a monthly subscription option for businesses that need more comprehensive communication tools. Finally, Intercom tracks how often users visit your website or use your product so you can gauge customer satisfaction levels and make necessary adjustments.

How can Intercom help Sales Managers and the Sales Team?

How does Intercom work? Intercom is a communication tool that allows people in different parts of a company to communicate with each other. The people who need to communicate can input their information into the system, and the system will relay the information to the people who need to hear it.

It will help the sales team make faster transactions and deliver amazing customer service to everyone. It does not only support customer engagement, it does help your sales team as well.

1. Promote team collaboration

Sales is a difficult industry that requires collaboration with each other – but it doesn’t have to be personable and stifle ambition. Intercom can help the sales team collaborate their ideas and communicate well their thoughts to implement easily their plans and strategies in their team.

2. Build relationships with other organisations in the company

Using Intercom can help you communicate properly with other organisations and make sales flow faster. This kind of cross-functional cooperation isn’t simply a nice-to-have for your salespeople; it’s also a strategic differentiation for your company.

Your salespeople are on the front lines, talking to customers about their problems and dealing with objections. When they collaborate with other departments in your company, such as product development and marketing, they can provide unique product insights and ensure that customer conversations and feedback are used to their full potential.

3. Helps the sales team focus on customers

Intercom can help Solve pain points and problems for the sales team. Creating a customer-first sales culture ensures that your salespeople are making more meaningful, longer-lasting deals while also remaining challenged and learning more about how their work fits into the wider picture. Here’s how you support a customer-centric sales approach.


Why does HubSpot integrate with Intercom?

HubSpot is a popular marketing automation tool that helps businesses grow their website traffic, convert leads into customers, and measure their success. It offers a wide range of features, including email marketing, social media publishing and monitoring, landing page creation, and CRM.

Intercom integrates with HubSpot to provide an additional layer of customer engagement. When someone fills out a form on your website or clicks one of your Intercom chat buttons, their contact information is automatically added to HubSpot as a lead. You can then use the powerful tools in HubSpot to nurture them through the sales process and measure your success.


Is Intercom easy to use?

Intercom is known for its ease of use, and it integrates well with other social media management platforms. In fact, the company has an archive feature to help with open records requests. This makes it easy for businesses to keep track of their interactions with customers on a secure and compliant platform.

Intercom is available via either Google or your work email address when you sign up. You agree to the terms of service and privacy policy when you sign up, which are both very reasonable. If signing up with a work email, you can only use it for Intercom and not anything else (though there is an option to use it for other purposes later).

All in all, Intercom is a great tool that’s easy to use- perfect for busy people who want to get the most out of their social media marketing!


What are the Benefits of Using Intercom?

1. Can help you convert leads to more customers

Intercom allows for faster conversions, which leads to more revenue and growth. Intercom is software that allows businesses to communicate with their customers. It’s an essential tool for customer service and can help increase sales and conversions.

2. Boost your customer support services

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Intercom has personalised proactive support for the sales team and customers. It secures fast-speed communication to customers who want to address their concerns immediately.

3. Increase brand engagement and loyalty

Intercom gives the ability to create, measure and share your brand voice using a single platform. It can help you build loyalty with customers by providing a consistent and cohesive brand experience.

4. Manage customer data better

Intercom allows businesses to maintain contact with customers across different channels, as well as giving them the ability to analyse data.

5. Easy integrations with your app

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Intercom supports campaigns that motivate customers to take action, inside your app and out. It helps customers with helpful messages that can boost satisfaction and retention. It updates the new features from the app making everyone know its latest improvements.

Send in-context surveys to your consumers to learn about what they’re doing while they’re doing it—whether on the web, on mobile, or in your app. Then, automatically, put those findings into action.


How can Intercom help in customer support?

Intercom helps customer support by providing a channel for real-time communication with users. Intercom has features like chat histories, customer product walkthroughs, and file transfers to help you provide the best possible service.

It also helps in making follow-ups for dropped messages, making sure you don’t miss a thing. It makes the update and provides self-service help articles. It makes customers save more time because they can connect to the sales team regarding their concerns immediately. They will get the answers from the right person in the team at the right time.


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Intercom Pricing, Terms, and Options

Intercom pricing is calculated based on the features and tools that you want to personalise and customise for your business. They offer a free try-on package and have a starter package with 74 per month when billed annually.

They offer a variety of add-ons depending on what you need such as product tours, surveys, WhatsApp connections, and many more.


What are the Top Features of Intercom?

1. Live chat

The platform also includes social media bots, apps, and in-app messages to help you connect with those you need. Inbox makes it possible to help multiple customers at once by combining communication channels in one place. Intercom is a system that sets up your business with one-click systems. client outreach, engagement, marketing and more.

By selecting from Pre-built templates, now you can achieve professional-looking customizable digital releases, augmented with engaging content for new prospects. According to Intercom, it also delivers attractive and professionally designed email newsletters, social media profiles/covers and landing pages.

Our customer data platform gives you all the context for immediate personalized support. With proactive messaging, you can address known issues before customers reach out. With proactive messaging, you can address known issues before customers reach out.

2. Support bots

Intercom helps bring you greater support automation at a cost appropriate for many teams. The chatbot uses machine learning to accelerate resolution times for your customers—even if your team is busy or offline.

It offers an automatic reply based on similarities within past conversations. The chatbot answers those questions repeatedly, so your team can focus on more productive activities.

It speeds up self-service by offering relevant answers based on what customers are typing before hitting the enter key.

3. Shared inbox

Intercom’s shared inbox offers the necessary workflows so your team can quickly resolve customer issues. Intercom’s inbox lets you organise and respond to the conversations across your website, product and mobile apps, and email. Create separate inboxes for support and sales, set permissions, and use notes and mentions to connect and co-author challenging questions.

Create separate inboxes, which are then set to grant different authorities to different kinds of user interactions. Work with your teammate who’s in charge of answering members’ questions and mention any difficult subjects you discuss within the support group.

4. Product tours

Intercom can provide more interactive tours of your product that help people learn more about it. This is code-free and super simple. The chatbot will then direct the user to all steps needed. It aids in in-app messages, email invasions, and multi-channel campaigns as a powerful call to action.

It also sends tours into support conversations so they can help customers faster and in context. Intercom features highlights and tours on the Intercom home screen, making it easy to find and watch.

5. Intercom builder

It helps you create your digital campaign. It helps you target customers specifically based on how they’ve engaged with your product and messages. It can also see the users’ path and metrics essential for reporting. Send emails and in-product messages about downtimes or subscription expirations with the option to chat with a customer service representative directly from either.

Intercom helps you reach inactive users with email or push notifications, help them with Surveys, and create a better app experience with individualised messages.


Having Problems With Intercom Implementation?

If you want to learn how to use Intercom in your day-to-day business, we recommend you reach out to one of the best digital solutions agencies, Ubique Digital Solutions. UDS offers services and is partnered with Intercom. If you want to know more about how UDS can help you with your Customer Relationship Management, don’t miss the chance to work with their amazing team. Reach out to us today.



Q: Why converting customers is easier with Intercom?

Intercom allows for fast and easy conversion of leads to customers. This is because Intercom has an in-built feature known as live chat which will allow you to immediately connect with your customers and provide your services. Intercom is a cost-effective and easier than you expect. It has real-time chat features and connects with website visitors that can make the purchase transaction easy and flawless. It can connect with different tools like Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify, and Marketo.

Q: Why choose Intercom over other alternative communication systems?

Intercom is one of the most popular alternatives to Salesforce. It offers many features that aren’t available on other platforms, such as chatbots and email marketing automation. In addition, its pricing structure can be more affordable for small businesses than Zendesk or Salesforce.

Q: What sets Intercom apart?

Intercom is a tool that helps businesses better understand, communicate with, and support their customers and visitors. Unlike other tools, Intercom does everything you need in one place. And it’s simple for everyone in your company to use. Intercom integrates all the tools you need into one easy-to-use platform that makes it easy for everyone in your business to communicate with and support your visitors and customers.

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