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PandaDoc Integration with Salesforce: 3 Easy Steps

PandaDoc Integration with Salesforce: 3 Easy Steps

PandaDoc Integration with Salesforce

PandaDoc Integration with Salesforce

Integrating PandaDoc with Salesforce is a powerful way to streamline your business processes and provide an easy and efficient experience for customers. Seamlessly connect your customer data and documents in one place to maximize efficiency and create a smooth workflow.

The integration allows you to increase the speed and accuracy of document creation, data capture, and customer onboarding. It helps you reduce manual data entry, eliminate tedious tasks, and free up resources to focus on more important tasks. In addition, you can easily monitor document progress, track customer interactions, and set automated reminders. Automate and streamline your business processes with the help of PandaDoc and Salesforce.


Benefits of Integrating PandaDoc with Salesforce


Streamlined Workflow

With PandaDoc, the user is able to manage documents within Salesforce, allowing the user to easily send documents for signature, quickly fill in data fields, and easily track document status. This streamlines the process of creating and sending documents, which leads to a more efficient workflow. By connecting PandaDoc to Salesforce, users can access all documents and contracts in one place, eliminating the need to search through emails or other disconnected systems.

The ability to quickly check document status in Salesforce is especially helpful for teams that have to send many documents and contracts. With PandaDoc, users can set up notifications that will alert them when a document is viewed, or completed, or when a signature is required. This helps keep teams organized and on top of the document process, ensuring that documents are sent and signed in a timely manner.


Increased Efficiency

By integrating PandaDoc with your Salesforce account, you can unlock the potential for increased efficiency. An all-in-one document solution, PandaDoc allows you to create, send, and manage contracts and documents quickly and easily. This saves your sales team valuable time, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks.

PandaDoc also allows you to improve your team’s productivity by streamlining the approval process. Automatically notify approvers when documents are ready to be reviewed, and save time by reducing the need for manual follow-ups. You can also customize and automate the approval process to fit your specific business needs.


Automated Lead to Opportunity Management

Integrating PandaDoc with Salesforce grants businesses the power of automated lead to opportunity management. By seamlessly connecting the two platforms, teams can automate the process of capturing and managing leads. This results in time savings and improved accuracy, as no manual data entry is required.

The automated lead to opportunity management allows businesses to manage their entire workflow quickly and easily. Sales reps can quickly access lead information and customer data to create and manage opportunities. This eliminates the need to toggle between multiple systems to access customer details, streamlining the process and ensuring that no information is lost in between.


Connecting PandaDoc with Salesforce

Setup PandaDoc with Salesforce

#1 Install the PandaDoc App

The process begins with signing into the Salesforce AppExchange and locating the PandaDoc application. After selecting the app, a prompt will appear for installation. The installation is quick and requires the user to accept the terms and conditions. Once the install is complete, the app is ready to be configured.

For ease of use, the PandaDoc app will be visible on the left-hand side navigation within Salesforce. This will allow you to easily access the PandaDoc app while navigating through Salesforce. With the installation complete, you are now ready to start creating and sending documents to your customers.


#2 Configure PandaDoc Settings

From the Settings tab, you can choose to sync documents to Salesforce records, as well as automatically open documents for editing with the click of a button. You can also designate a picklist field in Salesforce to track the status of documents created with PandaDoc. This makes it easy to keep tabs on the completion status of the documents that are sent out to your contacts.

The settings page further allows you to customize the document creation process by selecting which objects and fields should be pre-populated when a document is created in Salesforce. This allows you to quickly generate documents with custom data without the hassle of manually entering information. With PandaDoc, you can also decide which user roles are able to access and create documents from Salesforce. This helps you ensure that only the right people have access to the documents they need.


#3 Creating Custom PandaDoc Templates

Once you have installed the PandaDoc app and configured the settings, the next step in setting up PandaDoc with Salesforce is creating custom PandaDoc templates. With the variety of document types available, you can create tailored templates that accurately reflect the look and feel of your business.

The document creator tool allows you to customize the document from the ground up. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can move fields around and make adjustments to the template until you are satisfied with the look and feel of the document. Additionally, you can add creative elements such as images, videos, and logos to give the document a more personalized touch.

Furthermore, the document creator is equipped with an array of features to make your document stand out, including signature fields, checkboxes, and automatic calculations. You can also add styling elements like font size and color to really make the document pop. With all of these features, you can create a unique document that captures the essence of your business.


Automating Document Workflow

Automating Document Workflow

Create Automated Workflows

The chore of manually managing and tracking documents is a thing of the past. With PandaDoc, you can create automated workflows to streamline document creation and management. You can set up automated reminders to ensure documents are completed in a timely manner, and you can configure rules and triggers to kick off the next steps in the document workflow. This allows you to create a process that’s nearly effortless. PandaDoc also integrates with hundreds of applications, so you can set up automated workflows from various sources.


Track Document Progress

The document status feature allows users to know exactly what stage of the document process a recipient is in. It also provides insight into the document completion rate and the average time it takes for a recipient to complete a document. This information can be used to identify any roadblocks in the document process, recognize any lags in the recipient’s progress, and identify any areas that need improvement.

In addition to the document status feature, users can also view activity logs that provide a chronological log of every interaction on a document. This includes when a recipient is sent, views, or signed a document. This activity log allows users to see the entire journey of a document, providing a comprehensive overview of the document’s progress and eliminating the need to manually track documents.


Document Storage

When documents are stored, they are indexed by their metadata like the document name, any tags associated with the document, the name of the recipient, and the date the document was created. This makes it easy to search and find the document that you need with the help of Salesforce.

The documents are stored on the Salesforce platform, making them secure and only accessible to users with permission. This allows users to securely store and access documents without having to worry about external security threats. Storing documents on the Salesforce platform also allows multiple users to view the same document at the same time, making it easier to collaborate and make changes without having to copy the document manually.



PandaDoc logo

PandaDoc offers an intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to help businesses streamline their document workflow. The platform makes it easy to customize document templates, automate document workflow, and integrate with third-party apps. In addition, it offers a range of security features and flexible pricing and support options. By leveraging the power of PandaDoc and Salesforce, businesses can save valuable time and money while providing an efficient user experience.

By leveraging this integration, you’ll be empowering your team to work smarter, not harder. At Ubique Digital Solutions, we excel at providing you with these powerful, integrative solutions. We invite you to follow us and partner with us. Let’s navigate the path to digital transformation together, boosting your business to new heights of success. Take the first step today and contact Ubique Digital Solutions.



Q: Does the integration require any technical expertise?

The integration process is explained in a user-friendly manner in the blog, and you don’t need extensive technical expertise to follow the steps. However, basic familiarity with both PandaDoc and Salesforce is beneficial.


Q: Are there any costs associated with integrating PandaDoc with Salesforce?

The costs associated with integrating PandaDoc with Salesforce may vary depending on your subscription plans for both platforms. It is recommended to check the pricing details of PandaDoc and Salesforce to understand any additional costs.


Q: Can I track the status of my Salesforce documents in PandaDoc?

Yes, once you have created Salesforce documents in PandaDoc, you can track their status, including views, opens, and completion, within the PandaDoc platform.

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