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What is Microsoft Power BI?: 6 Important Benefits

Microsoft Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI, the most powerful and easiest-to-use Business Intelligence Software. With Power BI, you can create stunningly beautiful interactive dashboards, charts, reports, and graphs using nothing more than your web browser. You can publish reports online, share with others or save them in PowerPoint. Power BI is a free web service, so there is no software to install and configure. Simply launch it from your browser and start creating. In order to use this software, it is not necessary to have any kind of programming experience or experience with using any kind of analytics tool.

6 Important Benefits of Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft BI Benefits

1. Helps a Company Make Data-Driven Decisions and Gain Insights.

Microsoft Power BI is an enterprise analysis tool that can help you understand what’s going on with your business, make data-driven decisions and gain insights from data.

If you’re in business, the chances are that you face a lot of challenges with data and information. You can use data to make decisions that will help your business better understand what’s happening now, better prepare for the future, and improve its operations. But you must have access to the right information—the right data—to get insights that can truly transform your business.

Microsoft Power BI Has advanced analytics capabilities that provide you with better decision-making and a better understanding of your dataIn order to make the best decisions, managers need to be able to collect and analyse large amounts of data. That’s not always easy, though – particularly when working across many different units with lots of different types of data. Power BI can help make that job a bit easier. It can also enable decision-makers to understand the impact of those decisions better.
  • Drill down: Dig into details from summaries.
  • Slicing and dicing: Filter and break down data.
  • Pivot tables: Summarize and analyze data flexibly.
  • Slicers: Interactive filters for focused analysis.
It’s about making it as simple as possible for data analysts to access data and make meaningful conclusions without requiring a huge amount of manual work
BI tools can make it easy to access all your data sources, whether that be through cloud solutions or on-premises, enabling your company to maximise its potentialBut it can only be as good as the data it works with, and there are plenty of obstacles to overcome for any kind of meaningful analysis

2. Can be integrated with Microsoft 365

When you connect to Excel, Power Query data, and the SharePoint server, you’ll have access to all the capabilities of your favorite business apps, plus the ability to do a lot of other things that were not previously possible.
Microsoft Office continues to be the best way for companies to conduct business. When customers are faced with business decision-making, they turn to Office to do so effectively. Power BI’s ability to work seamlessly in these environments is unmatched by other BI products.
A major reason this happens is that Power BI is built on top of Office. As a result, it makes the entire experience of working in Power BI a natural fit. With Power BI, business users can easily access all their business data in a single place without having to navigate through multiple, complex tool suites to find the information they want.
Power BI, developed by Microsoft, was built as a data-driven solution for business users in order to empower them by providing comprehensive features in a cost-effective manner.
With the help of the Microsoft 365 suite, it can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook to provide improved functionality. This enables the user to access their e-mails quickly and at ease. It allows easy collaboration and enables the user to share information with other people easily.
Apart from this, it also offers an excellent opportunity to explore vast amounts of data. In addition, it provides enhanced accessibility to the company’s data. This solution has been developed to assist companies in understanding the data and to help them make informed decisions. It is the most sought-after solution when a business needs to enhance its functionality.

mobile applications

3. Has a mobile app to access and view live reports and dashboards

It has some excellent features like integrating with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights & X Analytics to see your analytics data in one place. In addition, you can share data from the app with Excel or print reports to PDF for printing.
The user interface of this app is also really nice. It has some great charts which are very responsive and are customizable by users. You can save them in your personal space, in different styles for each theme.
The look and feel can be customized using the filters, making the mobile app look really cool. You also have the option to share it with other users through different social networks. This allows you to collaborate on a single mobile application instead of multiple individual apps.

user interface,UI

4. Has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to access and use.

Power BI is a cloud service by Microsoft that makes it easy to build and share data visualizations with others. Using the Power BI app, you can create an interactive dashboard or reports in your work with minimal effort.

Furthermore, you can share these works easily with anyone who has the Power BI app installed on their desktop or mobile device. All you need is a web browser and internet connection. No extra software or hardware is required. And no passwords are required. Just click your way to the right answer. All results are available in real-time, without waiting for the webserver to retrieve and analyze data.

If you’re a new user, we make it easy for you to begin using your account. It lets you sync to Mobile Phone or Tablet for Remote Access. So if your devices aren’t connected or turned on when you want to use them, no problem, check them in, and they’ll show up as offline.

 reporting and data analysis

5. Can handle big data and large amounts of data in real-time

Power BI is a tool you can use to analyze large amounts of data. And it will make your work easier and faster. But how do you get Power BI to work in real-time?
You can get around this by installing Power Query for Excel. But in some cases, this might not be the most suitable solution because it’s slow compared to the data processing. In that case, you have to do what we described above: importing the data into a Power BI Online (or SharePoint online). You don’t have to use Power BI online. The possibilities are endless. Power BI needs data.
With the data being so big, it takes a long time to load and visualize the information on a dashboard or report. But if you are already familiar with Power BI, you will probably know how to load data from an SQL Server database.
As organizations continue to adopt big data and analytics, they are looking for products that can keep up with their ever-growing amounts of data. Most have been using SATA disks and SSDs in their systems when it comes to storage, but there is an increasing need for solid-state storage. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI is one hardcore tool that helps you with saving and manage large data.

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6. Gives a 360-degree view of customers, products, or employees.

It has the ability to give a single place where they can access all of their data from multiple sources without the need to switch back and forthIt can help you monitor employees who are using your computer. Supports most Windows platforms, including XP, Vista, and Windows  How it Works It’s called “eavesdropping,” and the system is built into almost all of the world’s desktops.
You know that you can do a lot with analytics (aka data), but most organizations use them to answer specific questions and then have to re-do the process when you need a new question answered. If only you could get answers from all kinds of sources to give you an overview of your business—that’s what Power BI is for.
It has the ability to give them a single place where they can access all of their data from multiple sources without the need to switch back and forth. It can monitor employees who are using your computer. Supports most Windows platforms, including XP, Vista, and Windows. Free software trial version available. How it works is called “eavesdropping,” and the system is built into almost all of the world’s desktops. 

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Q: What are the limitations of the Power BI mobile app?

The Power BI mobile app offers robust functionality for accessing and interacting with your Power BI reports and dashboards on the go. However, some limitations exist, such as potential differences in feature availability compared to the desktop version, constraints on data refresh schedules, and occasional connectivity issues in remote locations.

Q: Is the Power BI mobile app free?

Yes, the Power BI mobile app is free to download and use. It allows users to view and interact with Power BI reports and dashboards on their mobile devices. However, certain premium features may require a Power BI Pro subscription for full access.

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