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How to Make Video Marketing More Effective?

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Video marketing is using videos to promote and inform your target audience. Unfortunately, it’s too used to increase firebrand awareness and social engagement, allowing you to reach new and more significant publics. A report from HubSpot Research shows that 54 % of consumers want to see videos from symbols higher than any other content type. Video is powerful for a few cases subjects reasons. 
What you must know the truth is, people, love videos. They like them because they are engaging and captivating. They love them even more because they provide great storytelling. We know what’s great about videos, but how can you take advantage of this great resource? That’s the question we wanted to answer.
The digital world is evolving faster, and it’s expected that online marketing will become an important tool to help a business grow. Of course, we all know about Google and its “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) and how it works in the digital world. While this is a great start, SEO isn’t the only aspect of Online Marketing that can drive traffic to your website.
When we first started using video marketing, we were not a big fan of it. We thought it was just a silly gimmick. Now we are not saying that you should ignore it, but make sure that you have it figured out first; otherwise, it will waste your time. We will show you some tips to help you master video marketing in no time.

Here are some ways to make your video marketing more effective:

Video marketing

1. Plan your video.

Select the type of video you want to create. Several aspects go into planning the perfect marketing video. From picking the best topic to making sure that everything is on the brand to find the best way to get the video to the people who need it most.
Once you decide what media you will use, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you will say! A simple way to do this is by writing down your thoughts as they occur to you about the business problem or concern you want to address. Also, jot down any questions you may have as you consider whether or not this is a project you really want to take on.

You can create:

a. A narrated video describing your business or service. You decide what to narrate.
b. One or more static images with music (soundtrack) automatically play when the picture changes. Your customers can easily watch the pictures and hear the soundtrack without having to click a play button or turn on the sound.

Few things you must take note of are:


a. Make the first 10 seconds count in video marketing 

Arouse emotion in your prospects in a very positive way! Let’s face it. In today’s super-competitive world, getting someone’s attention is the hardest part of selling anything. That’s especially true when you are selling something as complex and as profound as a personal relationship. And, if you have a truly exceptional product or service, that first “10-seconds” will make or break your sale.

b. Make a good opening line 

A good opening line makes a big difference! These rules are based on real, tested, and proven psychology. Your first sentence or two should make the audience instantly grasp your ad’s message is.
It can make or break your entire campaign. It is the first impression most people get of your video. People decide very quickly whether or not they are going to watch your Video. If your Video does not grab their attention right off the bat, they will instantly move on to another video.
It can make or break the entire sales presentation. It is no wonder most videos fail; often the producer will not have addressed this one important element of production.

woman watching videos as part of marketing strategy

2. Grabbing Your Prospect’s Attention

This is because, once you’ve captured people’s attention.. you then have a chance to communicate effectively with them. But Video isn’t just for grabbing attention; you also use it to communicate. To persuade. To inform. To show how your product or service can solve his problem. And, of course, to close the sale. In any marketing campaign, your #1 priority is to get the attention of your prospect. Once they are paying attention to your message, the next and often the most important thing you do is grab that prospect’s interest, make them pay attention and make them stay longer.

Here are some tips: 

a. If your Video does require text, choose a style that helps your business get noticed.
b. Decide if your Video will benefit from text overlay, music, or some narration.
c. Be Informative in video marketing
d. Include Tutorials and Demo
e. Video marketing should be beneficial
f. Video in video marketing should answer someone’s problem or questions to

women are watching videos on the mobile

3. Keeping People’s Interest

Campaign Videos are one of the most effective ways to increase website profits. Many people will pay thousands to get the Video they need to make their sales pitch. However, if your Video is not interesting, people will become distracted and won’t pay attention to your sales message. The first step to creating a video that will pull in lots of sales is by studying successful videos. Video marketing includes subtitles and attention-worthy images, and video presentations.

Some of the benefits of using Video in your marketing efforts are:

a.  It creates “eye contact,” which makes people connect with you and your product or service.
b. It provides “transparency,” which enhances credibility
c. It gives “body language” that improves understanding and communication.
d. And it has been proven to be “2 to 4 times more powerful than words” when it comes to getting results.
call to action(CTA)

4. Creating A Call To Action (CTA) in Video marketing

It is the hardest part about creating a video. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to “re-invent the wheel” while creating CTAs for my clients. This is a very tedious and time-consuming process. If you use direct mail or newspaper ads or magazine ads or even radio and TV commercials, you already know the process of building a strong CTA.
It is much more important than you probably know. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it is the most important element of creating a successful, large-scale video marketing campaign. The way to do it is by using powerful “trigger words” strategically placed in your videos. These trigger words are what make your Video stand out from all the rest.
SEO strategy plan

5. Optimize Video with SEO content in digital marketing

To optimize your videos, you can include keywords in your video descriptions. And you can add shortened links with calls to action that encourage people to visit your website or a landing page with a special offer.
It’s not necessary, but it’ll improve your results. Video marketing is not all about Video. As I said earlier in this newsletter, videos are only a part of the whole process. However, videos are an important part, and without them, you’re almost guaranteed to suffer big time. Then, of course, there’s the option of putting your videos on as many different sites and sharing them via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and so on. Again, this will help drive more traffic to your site and convert more of that traffic into paying customers.

How do Video Marketing Improve SEO rankings?

Today, with the advent of video marketing, it is possible to dominate the organic results of a well-optimized search campaign… and… deliver much higher conversion rates! It’s no longer enough to have a website.
The truth is, the most searched for words on the Internet are not the ones you would ever guess! The top ten results of a Google search often have nothing to do with the actual keywords relevant to what you are trying to sell. This is where video marketing comes to the rescue. Using eye-catching, descriptive videos (rather than just text-based websites), you can use your website or product video marketing campaigns to skyrocket your visibility and profits!

Ways Video Marketing Improves SEO rankings: 

1. Create video content that people are searching for
2. Add SEO keywords to your video titles and descriptions.
3. Include links in your video posts
4. Promote Video as part of your marketing strategy
Your videos should be short! Between 1 and 6 minutes is the absolute ideal. Anything longer and you run the risk of boring your viewer. And when it comes to search engines, “boring” is a red flag that signals a low ranking. This is because search engines want to return the most relevant website results for any given search.
Video marketing has exploded over the last few years – thanks to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels. And while it’s now a proven fact that more than 80% of marketers watch videos on their devices at least once per day, it’s still worth understanding if video marketing is suitable for your brand.
Video Marketing help ranks your SEO dramatically in most business nowadays. Many people have a problem with ranking as they get traffic from Google without doing any work whatsoever. With the addition of videos, all of that changes, and you will see a huge difference. The way people find things on the web is changing fast. You need to take advantage and apply your best in doing your video marketing. Catchy Video could attract viewers to your business website and bring lots of possibilities for buyers and loyal patrons for your product. Be clever in this kind of digital marketing. Then, you can slay it and become a master of video marketing. 
If you want to start using video marketing for your SEO strategy, you can partner with Ubique Digital Solutions. We can help you in building your business strategies and creative ideas in your next video marketing plans. In addition, we offer different packages that will help you in ranking and scaling your business. We are happy to be part of your journey and success in digital marketing. Reach out to us today!



Q: Is video a good marketing strategy?

Yes, video is an effective marketing strategy. It engages audiences visually, helps convey complex information easily, and increases brand awareness. Videos can be shared across various platforms, enhancing a brand’s online presence and connecting with a wider audience.


Q: What is a brand marketing video?

A brand marketing video is a visual content piece created to promote and showcase a brand. It typically communicates the brand’s story, values, products, or services in a compelling and memorable way. These videos aim to leave a positive and lasting impression on the audience, reinforcing the brand’s identity.

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