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How to Gain Customer Loyalty Using HubSpot Service Hub

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What is Customer Loyalty?

customer loyalty


Customer loyalty is a business’s ability to retain customers and promote long-term repeat business. Customers that are satisfied with the products or services of a business will typically become repeat customers, while customers that are dissatisfied will be more likely to switch to another provider.


HubSpot as an Investment to Achieve Customer Loyalty

HubSpot is an investment for your business to grow better. Let’s make sure you get the most out of it. HubSpot is packed with features to help you attract new leads, convert them into customers, and delight them, so they become loyal fans. But like any investment, you need to use it correctly to see the best results.




How to Use HubSpot’s Service Hub to Increase Customer Loyalty

HubSpot’s Service Hub can be used to increase customer loyalty by providing a one-stop-shop for customer support. Customers can access help articles, submit support tickets, and track the status of their tickets all from one interface. This makes it easy for customers to get help and stay up-to-date on their support tickets. Additionally, the Service Hub can be used to create customer profiles that track the customer’s interactions with your company.

HubSpot brings chatbots, live chat, and team email to growing businesses for free with the launch of conversations HubSpot is excited to announce the launch of Conversations, a new suite of free tools that helps businesses of all sizes communicate with customers and team members more effectively. Conversations include a chatbot builder, live chat, and team email. These features are completely free for everyone to use across the world.

What’s in it for you? You’ve probably heard us talk about inbound marketing a lot recently. It’s because HubSpot’s mission is to help businesses grow by creating content that people want to read, engaging with customers on social media, and using email to establish relationships. And we believe that talking to your customers is a crucial part of inbound marketing.


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HubSpot service hub


How HubSpot Service Hub is Your Best Friend for Client Retention

With all the demands and distractions of social media platforms, it is easy to lose sight of your followers. Plus, as you advertise your expertise on multiple platforms, it can be confusing for your clients or potential customers to go for results. Here is a look at how HubSpot’s Service Hub lets you track where each of your leads come from, allowing you to better serve them through other platforms like Twitter or Facebook.


How HubSpot Can Help You Track Customer Loyalty and Engagement

HubSpot can help you track customer loyalty and engagement by providing you with tools to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty over time. These tools allow you to optimise customer engagement, acquisition, and experience over the lifetime of your customer relationships.

HubSpot also helps marketers create content at scale. Content is not just an important part of inbound marketing but also gets a lot of attention from HubSpot’s competitors.


Main Features of HubSpot Service Hub


1. Feedback surveys

It’s one of the best ways to improve your product or service over time. With the HubSpot Service Hub’s feedback surveys tool, you can collect customer feedback on product support, satisfaction and loyalty. You can send three types of surveys: customer effort score, customer satisfaction, and net promoter score.

a. CSAT: customer satisfaction surveys

In addition to customer satisfaction surveys, which you use to collect customers’ overall impression of your business, you can also ask questions about specific products and services they use. For example, you could collect feedback about their onboarding process or how they feel after an update was rolled out to your product or service offering.

There are two types of customer surveys: closed-ended and open-ended. Closed-ended surveys allow you to ask recipients only for answers in a fixed format. In an open-ended survey, respondents choose answers, which can provide into how they’re using your product and service.

b. CES: customer support survey

After a support ticket is closed, you can send an automated survey about the support experience. You can choose to have this survey sent out right away or schedule it to go out after a certain amount of time. This helps you understand how effective your ticket resolution process is and how customers feel about the service you provided during that process.

c. NPS: customer loyalty survey

The Net Promoter Score is a scale that allows businesses to measure customer loyalty.  When you run a survey, it’s your business. It’s important to get a good response rate so that your results are statistically valid. With HubSpot’s survey tool, you can create a custom report that shows you your results right on the survey screen, making it easier than ever to see your customer ratings at a glance. 


2. HubSpot Service Hub ticketing

When something goes wrong and your customers need help, making sure it’s easy for them to get the support they need is vital for the health of your relationship. A ticketing tool makes it easy for your customers to get help with their issues and for you to capture, manage and resolve them in a timely. The Service Hub’s Ticket Tool lets you set up different pipelines for your tickets, so you can separate internal and external tickets or sort them across different teams or departments. This means that they can always reach the right person.


customer loyalty


3. HubSpot Knowledge Base

Helping your customers get answers to their questions without burdening your support team with answering those questions can be done with a knowledge base for your company’s process or services.

With the Service Hub, you can control who sees which articles in which areas. You can create resources that are accessible to different audiences and then make sure those audiences are restricted to the content they couldn’t see. You don’t need to worry about audience access at its level because it’s set at the article level.


Other Benefits of HubSpot Service Hub

1. Integration with the Conversations

The integration of the Service Hub with HubSpot Conversations lets you quickly access support information, knowledge bases, and ticketing systems, all in one place. In fact, once you set up the integration, your knowledge base and/or ticketing system will appear alongside your contact forms in the Service Hub:


Start a live chat

Chatbots can search for knowledge on users’ behalf and create live chats for your team members to communicate with site visitors directly. They can customise the kind of information they want to see in a knowledge base and change how frequently they receive updates from the HubSpot support team.

Using the conversations inbox allows support reps to get back to customers quickly, create community, and engage with the social proof that’s up in chat. It’s a win-win for everyone.


2. Automation

The Service Hub’s automation tools make it even more powerful. It can help you see everything about your services, including events, tickets and other information.

Your customer service team can now benefit from automation capabilities. For example, if someone answers a customer satisfaction survey that they are unhappy, you can automatically create a ticket to follow up with them. When a deal closes, you can enroll them into NPS surveys and create tickets for your service team members to initiate outreach. This helps close the loop between marketing, sales and service.


3. Reports

The report library offers a lot of tools for you to use, but you can also build reports around your surveys, tickets and knowledge base. You can see which services are popular, how users are using each service, which issues they have, etc., in each service hub area. The report library also includes pre-built reports to help you better understand the success of each of the service hub areas.


customer loyalty and success


We’re Here to Help

The HubSpot Service Hub enables you to break down the silos between marketing, sales and service so that you can provide a consistent and personalised customer experience. Using the entire HubSpot Growth Suite, you can take your marketing, sales and service activities to the next level.

How do you gain customer loyalty? This is tough to answer, as it’s really up to the individual business owner. Customer loyalty can be gained by ensuring a consistently good quality product, service, and experience for your customers. If you are still having a hard time creating strategies to maintain customer loyalty, we recommend you a reliable digital marketing agency. Ubique Digital Solutions is a one-stop boutique that will help you with your major digital marketing problems. We strategies and make things easier for you. Partner with us today.



Q: What are loyalty programs in customer service?

Loyalty programs are strategies that reward customers with discounts, exclusive offers, or rewards to encourage repeat business and build long-term relationships.


Q: Is HubSpot good for customer service?

HubSpot is a versatile CRM platform with customer service tools, suitable for many businesses. Its effectiveness depends on your specific needs and budget.


Q: How is CRM used as a tool for customer loyalty?

CRM enhances customer loyalty through personalization, efficient communication, data-driven decision-making, customer support, loyalty programs, and feedback for improvement.


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