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How to Create Facebook Lead Ads: A Step by Step Guide

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facebook lead ads


Facebook Lead Ads

What is Facebook Lead Ads? Facebook Lead Ads allows businesses to generate leads through social media on Facebook. It is one of the best ways to engage potential customers and increase the number of sales in your brand.

Facebook Leads is a form that allows users to submit their email addresses and other contact information to be added to a list for marketing purposes. A Facebook Lead is an email address submitted through the Facebook Leads form.


How does Facebook Lead Ads work?

Facebook Leads works by empowering business owners to use their connections on Facebook to generate leads. When you open Facebook Leads, you will be able to see all of your friends who are not connected with your business.


What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising is a way to market your products and services on Facebook. Marketers don’t have to focus their efforts on a bunch of channels that aren’t getting them results. Instead, they can work the channels where their audiences spend their time.

Facebook Ads are a great way to reach your target audience, buyer personas, and current customers on the platform. Facebook allows you to personalize your advertising so that it reaches only those people who are most likely to buy your products or services.

You can also choose to target your ads in a certain geographic location, such as the United States, or more specifically, in your city, state, or region.


What is a Facebook Lead Ad Conversion?

A Facebook Lead Ad Conversion is when a person interacts with your advertisement and takes the desired action that you are looking for. For example, your ad has been shared on Facebook and you have led action to a website of yours. The case study above shows that using Facebook Lead Ads could dramatically boost conversion rates. Especially since Facebook encourages actions as a business.


facebook lead ads


How to Create Lead Ads from Facebook Manager?

The social media giant Facebook has been rolling out new features that have been making a huge impact on the advertising industry. One of these new features is Facebook Lead Ads, which are targeted ads that send people to your website to download a form.

So here are the steps on how to set up Facebook Lead Ads:


1. Open your Ads Manager.

This is the simplest step of all. Log in to your Facebook account, then go to your Ad Manager. Finally, create an account.


facebook lead ads


2. Select your campaign objective.

facebook lead ads


To get a higher click-through rate, it’s important to make sure that your ads are compelling. You’ll need to provide an objective to choose from in the next section. For example, when I am creating a Lead Ad, I want to use lead generation. The page will then pull down with the next option.

You’ll see an option for Switch to Quick Creation in the upper right-hand corner. With Facebook Lead Ads, you’ll learn how to create lead capture forms on your website or blog using the Facebook Pixel and Facebook pixel tags. Once you have the form created, you’ll be able to use that same process to collect lead data on any page you wish, including your Facebook pages and posts. So there’s no downside to sticking with Guided Creation.


3. Name your Ad campaign.

facebook lead ads


t’s always better to be as specific as possible. Here’s an example of a name: “Target Product Name for Amazon – A campaign to drive more traffic to my site – Increase conversion rate by 10% from last month.

You can’t just make money by selling products to consumers—you need to convince them that what you’re selling is worth their time and attention. Next, you’ll create your Amazon ads campaign.


4. Create an Ad Set.

facebook lead ads


An ad set is a basket that holds all your ads for a specific person. You’ll need to think about this as you’ll have more than one person in your audience. If you want your ads to show in the UK and Ireland, make sure that the name of your ads includes the UK or Ireland. It’s not surprising that a shoemaker should be called Sally. Since I was in high school, I’ve made shoes, so it’s time to move into my own business. You’ll add multiple descriptions as needed. For example, if your persona was the “fun and flirty girl,” then instead of typing “fun and flirty,” you could simply type “flirty” and select the persona that matches your personality best from the list.


5. Identify your Facebook Business page.

Use the drop-down to determine which Facebook business page the ad set falls under. Your business may have several business pages. If your page isn’t selected, that means it hasn’t been approved yet.


facebook lead ads


6. Take advantage of the dynamic creative feature.

facebook lead ads


You can select different creative assets like a headline, image, CTA, and other components to use on Facebook separately. Then, automatically use these assets to create the right combination of a headline, image, CTA, and other components to show to different subsegments of your audience. If you’re not creating a complete ad image for which you’d like to see the results of your tests, this is the option for you.


8. Choose your Ad placement.

Amazon has many types of ad placements, such as on the feed, the sidebar, or the Amazon app. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up ads for different placements. Facebook is more than just a place to look at pictures of friends, it’s a place to connect, communicate and do things. If you want to market your product or service through this network, it’s important to understand how to make the most out of your Facebook presence.

There are different demographics. Younger audiences might be spending more time on mobile, while certain age groups might be spending more time on desktop. This is why it’s important to know who you’re writing for – you’re always making best guesses at first, before you test and optimise.


9. Set your budget and schedule.

facebook lead ads


You can select an average daily budget, which is the amount you’d like to spend for advertising, and the duration of time for your ad to run. Facebook ads work using an auction system. Make sure to select a budget that seems reasonable based on the results of your prior research.

Some campaigns let you select between bidding for cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand impressions. You can even pick both options, as you’ll see in the next section. The lead generation goal is always set to cost per thousand impressions. Don’t worry about what you choose, just make sure to check in on your ad frequently to ensure that it’s performing according to your objectives.


10. Name your Ad.

This is the name of the ad you will use for tracking different ads within your ad set. In addition, you’ll need it to keep track of your progress within the program. To help your campaigns look more professional, we recommend a hierarchical naming convention where you list the campaign type, audience, and a descriptive title for your ads (e.g. “B2C-Shoemaker Sally-Yellow Background”).


11. Identify your social accounts.

The accounts you’re promoting will be pre-selected based on the ad set, but if you’re advertising on Instagram, then you’ll need to include the accounts you want to promote.


12. Select your format.

There are two choices for this image, the carousel or the single image. A carousel is a horizontal image gallery that consists of multiple slide images. These can be changed and swapped to suit your site. This is a great option to display multiple product offerings or to pique interest by displaying steps or parts of an image split into a carousel. A single image is just that, or you can use it to display a slideshow within a single frame.


13. Upload your media.

facebook lead ads


Your creative assets will be uploaded to Amazon Seller Central. You can view them here. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can choose between a video (which could include gifs!) or an image. You’re also allowed to upload up to six versions of your ad to be displayed. It’s best to test as many variations of your ad copy as possible to figure out which one performs best. The more variations you have, the better you’ll be able to make adjustments if one particular version doesn’t work well.

If you’ve never made a video before, you need to learn how to make Facebook Video Ads.


14. Add copy.

The Amazon Associates Program is an affiliate program that will pay you money when people click on links to There are a few more details below. This is one of the reasons why Facebook ads have become such a success. It’ll generate a preview of your ad so you can see how it’ll look in various placements.


15. Select your form fields.

Facebook ads is a platform where you can make your user convert right from within the application. Native conversions mean there’s no need to go to another page or click a link. Selecting the format, style, and copy of your forms is easy, and you can do this in four simple steps.

The form fields are completely customisable, so you gather the information you need. This is the final step to creating your Amazon Seller Central account. You’ll want to link it to your existing Google or Facebook account so you can verify your identity and continue your account creation process. If they’re your first new customer, you might want to offer to have their contact information added to your email list to nurture them. Otherwise, just let them know that they can view your FAQs here.

Once this step is done, your ad campaign will be reviewed, and you’ll learn what you did well and what you need to improve. Once approved, your ad will start running and will start generating leads.


facebook lead ads


Facebook Lead Ads Optimization Tips

1. Capitalise on Facebook Audience Insights.

You need to use a VPN or use a web browser that is configured to disable cookies if you want to prevent Facebook from collecting data about your browsing history. The social media platform allows you to use this data, known as Facebook Audience Insights, to create highly targeted advertisements. There are many ways to filter your audience: You can use demographic information, geographic data, psychographic information, or you can apply filters based on the actions that your audience has already taken.


2. Create unique ad sets for each audience when planning your Facebook lead ads.

If you’re building an Amazon business, you’ll need to optimise for the three Amazon dimensions: inventory, pricing, and traffic. You’ll create different ads to target different people and different pains. Advertise only on pages that are relevant to your product or service. Make sure to focus on just one message at a time. The more targeted your message, the more likely your ad will appeal to the right prospects.


3. Use high-quality imagery that blends into the feed.

Whether you’re an Amazon Seller Central newbie or just starting out, you want to use the highest quality images and videos possible. It’s fine if your page imagery looks a bit out of the ordinary, but it should still look familiar to your users. Users should feel right at home when they see your images, not have a weird sense of déjà vu. Your ad copy should be something that shows up in the top right-hand corner of their screen and says something like: “Follow me on Twitter” or “Like me on Facebook”.

When you create an ad, be sure to make it look natural and fit into the designated space.


4. Experiment with video.

Facebook Lead Ads allows you to choose between images and video for your ad’s call-to-action (CTA). You have an opportunity to tell a captivating story to your prospects using video. And while it’s true that today’s most popular social networking platform isn’t Twitter — that would be Facebook — the truth is that users actually prefer video. Users will watch videos on Facebook and give their undivided attention to videos on Facebook. With stats like these, video ads have a potentially high ROI.


5. Check out the competition.

If you’re competing in an arena where your competitors are selling something different than you, then they’re going to have a competitive advantage. Carousel ads are an engaging way for prospects to get more information about a product. If you notice your competitors using carousel ads, you should consider including some in your ads. Your goal is not to imitate the tactics of others. It’s to be aware of what they’re doing and be prepared to copy them if they’re a good fit for your audience.


6. Review your analytics regularly.

The best thing you can do to improve your Amazon sales is to make sure that your customers know they’re shopping at Amazon when they place their orders. Your ad budget should be checked frequently to make sure it’s not getting wasted. Check your Facebook Analytics to be sure that you’re reaching your audience, and your ads are generating sales for you. As your eCommerce business grows, it’s important to monitor how your ads are performing and how your audience is responding to them so you can adjust your campaign before you waste spend on the wrong methods. It’s important to do your research, and it’s even more important when you have a smaller budget.


7. Remember to retarget your audience.

If you want someone to buy your product or service, you should show them a commercial about it seven times before taking action. Retargeting lets you show your ads to the people who have already visited your website to entice them to make a purchase. This means that you can increase the effectiveness of your online advertising while reducing your cost. In addition, retargeted audiences are primed for conversion because they’ve already engaged with your brand in some way.


8. Optimise your Lead Ads.

Facebook Lead Ads is only the beginning of your strategy for converting leads to sales. Creating and publishing your Lead Ad is only the beginning of your strategy for converting leads to sales. Understanding how ads run for your audience gives you insight into how they respond, so you can better target those people when they come to visit your website, mobile site, or call centre.

facebook lead ads


Why is it important to have Facebook Lead Ads for your business?

Facebook Lead Ads are a powerful tool for your business to reach new customers. You can create custom lead ads for free and target people interested in the services you offer. This is an easy way to gain more leads without much work.


Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

Using Facebook Lead Ads to reach new customers is easy and effective. Read about the benefits of Facebook Lead Ads in this blog post.


1. Native Functionality

With Lead Ads, users can submit their information through an auto-filled form and then get a personalised message as soon as their submission is approved. So when you’re using the Facebook Messenger Platform and your business is on the go, you keep your lead on Facebook instead of switching between the platform and your website.


2. Mobile Responsiveness

Facebook lead ads are most valuable for mobile. They allow you to reach and convert more leads than ever before. AdMob is a popular advertising network used by over 300,000 apps, and it’s built for mobile devices, so you don’t need to worry about the format of your ads. This feature is a very useful one because if the lead views the site on a mobile device, he will still be able to complete your form, so you don’t have to worry about getting incomplete forms from those who see the ad.


3. Simple Data Collection

Landing pages are often useful to both the advertiser and the customer, but Lead Ads are beneficial. They capture leads without having to create a new conversion path. The power of Amazon FBA leads lies in their availability. Whether you are an established e-commerce business or someone just beginning to sell on Amazon, the number of leads will vary based on your strategy.


4. Highly-Targeted Segments

Facebook Lead Ads is an effective way to target your Facebook leads. You can segment your audience by interests, demographics, and more. If you only have a few hours each week to work on your business, this should be one of your top priorities. The more time you spend on your Facebook ad campaign, the more leads and customers you will get.


facebook lead ads


How to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Grow Your Business

If your objective is to make sales, Facebook lead ads are the right choice for you. They’re a powerful tool that will increase your conversions by delivering qualified leads for your business.

Facebook Lead Ads are great for accomplishing a variety of marketing objectives. However, they’re best at helping with one of marketing’s golden rules: know thy audience.

Facebook lead ads offer many potential solutions to problems you’re trying to solve but you may not be familiar with.

Suppose you want to take your marketing activities and turn them into sales. In that case, we recommend you a digital agency that caters for the necessary work you need for your digital marketing. Ubique Digital Solutions will help you strategise and plan your Facebook Lead Ads Campaign, making it easy for you- sweat-free. UDS also provides HubSpot CRM services that will help you grow your business digitally. Contact UDS now.



Q: How do I get free leads on Facebook?

To get free leads on Facebook, create engaging content, build a strong online presence, and encourage users to interact with your posts. Focus on organic methods like regular posting, responding to comments, and networking in relevant groups.


Q: How much do Facebook ads pay per lead?

The cost per lead (CPL) for Facebook ads varies widely based on factors like your target audience, ad quality, and competition. On average, it can range from a few dollars to tens of dollars per lead.


Q: Why am I not getting Facebook leads?

If you’re not getting Facebook leads, review your ad targeting, ad content, and landing page. Ensure they are relevant and appealing to your audience. Additionally, consider your budget and bid strategy to optimize lead generation.


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