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DocuSign Integration with HubSpot: The Complete Guide

DocuSign Integration with HubSpot: The Complete Guide

DocuSign and HubSpot Integration

DocuSign and HubSpot Integration


DocuSign has revolutionized the way businesses handle documents by offering electronic signature capabilities. On the other hand, HubSpot has carved out a niche in inbound marketing and customer relationship management. Integrating DocuSign and HubSpot can immensely streamline document signing processes and supercharge marketing campaigns. This article delves into how such an integration can be a game-changer for businesses.



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DocuSign, launched in 2003, is a pioneer in the field of electronic signatures and has become an integral tool in modern business operations. In our increasingly digitalized world, electronic signatures have become a necessity as businesses are pushing to diminish paper-based processes and embrace digital transformation. DocuSign offers a comprehensive solution to send, sign, and manage documents digitally, thus facilitating a more efficient way to handle paperwork.


Key features of DocuSign include

Key features of DocuSign

  • Authentication Services: DocuSign’s advanced authentication services verify the identity of signers to ensure the authenticity of signed documents. This process can range from email verification to more advanced methods like phone verification and knowledge-based authentication.
  • User Identity Management: DocuSign provides effective ways to manage user identities. Businesses can control user permissions and visibility, ensuring the right people have access to the right documents at the right time.
  • Workflow Automation: With DocuSign’s workflow automation, businesses can easily define and automate the process of sending, signing, and managing documents, reducing manual efforts and increasing efficiency.





HubSpot, founded in 2006, is a leading software platform that specializes in inbound marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It emphasizes attracting customers through content marketing, social media strategies, and search engine optimization, rather than traditional outbound marketing strategies.


HubSpot’s suite of tools covers a wide range of functions:

  • Email Marketing: HubSpot provides robust email marketing tools that allow businesses to create, personalize, and optimize marketing emails without designers or IT.
  • Analytics: HubSpot’s analytics tools give businesses insightful data about their customers and campaigns, helping them make data-driven decisions.
  • Customer Service: HubSpot’s service hub provides a full suite of tools to connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into promoters who grow your business.


Benefits of DocuSign and HubSpot Integration

DocuSign and HubSpot Integrations


Enhancing Document Management in Marketing Campaigns

Documents such as contracts, proposals, or agreements are the lifeblood of marketing and sales processes. Efficient management of these documents is crucial, as delays or errors can lead to lost opportunities. However, businesses often encounter challenges in tracking document statuses and ensuring timely signatures. By integrating DocuSign with HubSpot, these challenges can be effectively addressed.

The integration enables seamless document management within marketing campaigns. It allows businesses to quickly send documents for e-signature directly from the HubSpot platform and then track their status in real-time. This means less time spent on administrative tasks and more time for strategizing and engaging with customers.


Automating and Accelerating the Sales Cycle

In a fast-paced business environment, speed and efficiency are critical. Lengthy contract approvals and agreements can slow down the sales process, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential loss of sales. The integration of DocuSign’s e-signature capabilities with HubSpot’s robust CRM features allows businesses to automate significant parts of the sales cycle.

This means contracts can be sent, signed, and returned in less time, reducing the overall sales cycle and facilitating quicker deal closures. The combined power of DocuSign and HubSpot empowers businesses to streamline operations, resulting in faster turnaround times, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.


How to Seamlessly Integrate DocuSign with HubSpot

Integrate DocuSign with HubSpot


Pre-Integration Considerations

Before diving into the integration of DocuSign with HubSpot, it’s critical to thoroughly evaluate the specific needs of your business and to understand what you’re trying to achieve through this integration. Is it automating the contract signing process? Or, is it tracking the status of documents within HubSpot? Understanding your goals will help tailor the integration to your needs.

Additionally, data security and compliance should be at the forefront of considerations. Ensure that integrating the platforms complies with data protection regulations pertinent to your industry and region. Plan the scope and objectives of the integration meticulously.

Consider creating a checklist of pre-integration considerations that include:

  • Defining the objectives of integration
  • Analyzing the data security and compliance standards
  • Ensuring your DocuSign account has the required permissions
  • Confirming that your HubSpot account settings are configured properly for integration


Step-by-Step Integration Process

Step-by-Step Integration Process


Let’s go through a detailed process of integrating DocuSign with HubSpot:

  1. Setting up DocuSign Account: If you don’t already have a DocuSign account, create one. Ensure that the account has the necessary permissions to integrate with other platforms. If you have an existing account, check that it’s in good standing and you have the credentials at hand.
  2. Configuring HubSpot settings: Log into your HubSpot account and navigate to your account settings. Under “Integrations,” ensure that you have the permissions to connect third-party applications.
  3. Installing the DocuSign integration in HubSpot: Go to HubSpot’s App Marketplace, search for “DocuSign” and select it. Click on “Install app” and you will be directed to the integration settings page.
  4. Connecting DocuSign and HubSpot: In the integration settings page, there will be an option to connect HubSpot with DocuSign. Click on it and you will be prompted to enter your DocuSign credentials to authorize the connection.
  5. Mapping fields and configuring workflows: After connecting, you will need to configure the integration settings. This includes mapping fields between DocuSign and HubSpot so that data is synchronized properly. You should also set up workflows for automation, such as automatically sending a document for signature when a deal reaches a certain stage.
  6. Testing the integration: It’s crucial to test the integration to ensure it’s working as expected. Try sending a test document through HubSpot using DocuSign and tracking its status. Ensure that the mapped fields are synchronizing properly.


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Leveraging the Integration for Business Success

Best Practices


Action Items

Ensure Up-to-Date DocumentsKeeping documents current is essential for accurate and efficient document management.Regularly review and update documents as needed.
Customize WorkflowsAlign workflows within the integration with business processes to save time and reduce manual work.Adjust settings and automate processes as needed.
Train Team MembersIt’s essential that team members are familiar with the new functionalities to leverage the integrated system effectively.Conduct training sessions and provide support materials.
Monitor Integration and Gather FeedbackRegularly keep an eye on the performance of the integration and collect on feedback for continuous improvement.Set performance metrics, conduct user surveys, and make improvements based on feedback.



DocuSign and HubSpot


The synergy of DocuSign and HubSpot through seamless integration is a force multiplier for businesses striving to streamline their operations and enhance their marketing strategies. It promises a world of opportunities – from efficient document management to fast-tracked sales cycles, thereby leading to an overall escalation in business growth.

 As we navigate the evolving digital landscape, partnering with an expert like Ubique Digital Solutions can provide the guidance and support you need to leverage this potent combination to its maximum potential. Join us on this transformative journey and boost your business success. We look forward to hearing your experiences and insights on how this integration has revolutionized your operations. Contact us now!



Q: Why is it beneficial to integrate DocuSign with HubSpot?

Integrating DocuSign with HubSpot brings the efficiency of e-signatures to the robust marketing and sales functionalities of HubSpot. It allows for seamless document management within marketing campaigns, accelerates contract approvals by enabling e-signatures within HubSpot, and ensures consistency in data across both platforms. The integration aids in automating parts of the sales cycle, making deal closures faster and more efficient, while also improving customer experiences.


Q: Are there any security considerations to be aware of?

Yes, when integrating DocuSign with HubSpot, it is important to be mindful of data security and compliance. Ensure that both platforms comply with data protection regulations that are pertinent to your region and industry. You should also configure user permissions appropriately to safeguard sensitive information and documents.


Q: Can I customize the integration according to my business needs?

Absolutely, the integration between DocuSign and HubSpot is highly customizable. You can tailor the data synchronization, map specific fields as needed, and configure workflows to align with your business processes. This level of customization allows for a more efficient and seamless experience that caters to your unique business requirements.

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