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At Ubique Digital Solutions we are a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner and can help with Service Hub.

Service Hub

What Is Service Hub?

Service Hub Helps You Create A Better Customer Experience, Self Service Solutions, And Growth Through Happier Customers.




Starter Plan

Service Hub Starter

Hubspot CRM Conversations

Conversations + Live Chat

Conversations helps you manage and master customer communication. You’ll leverage live chat, a shared universal inbox, an easy-to-use chatbot builder, built in tickets, and collaboration and productivity tools to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Conversations is built on the HubSpot CRM, this means you’ll see contextual data about every customer right where you’re conversing with them.

Tickets & Help Desk

As customer conversations increase in volume and complexity, tickets is here to help.

Use tickets to collaborate and communicate with customers on issues that come through Conversations. Tickets can be assigned to members of your team, organized, prioritized, and tracked in a central location.

Build a high functioning help desk system by adding HubSpot automation and powerful custom reporting.


Use data from your HubSpot CRM to prioritize your best calls, and set up a daily calling queue. Just one click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone.


Put the power to book meetings in the hands of your customers. Meetings sync to your Google or Office 365 calendar, so your schedule is always up-to-date. As customers book meetings, automatically create new records or log the activity in your CRM.

Professional Plan

Service Hub Professional

Knowledge Base

Help customers help themselves by turning your customers’ frequently asked questions and tickets into a robust, search optimized knowledge base of help articles, videos, and documentation.

The built in analytics dashboard collects feedback on articles and analyzes search patterns to improve your articles over time.

Build a support bot to help customers find the knowledge articles related to their specific questions.

Customer Feedback

You can’t really build your business around your customers unless you’re listening to them.

Truly understand how your customers feel with customer feedback. Deploy surveys like Net Promoter Score, and Customer Satisfaction, that give you a quantitative pulse on customer happiness and needs.

The feedback tool will analyze survey results for you and provide actionable data that helps you improve your service & product, identify advocates, and grow through happy customers.

marketing hub professional social tools dashboard

Video Features

Service teams can help customers faster and more completely with personalized help videos created and shared directly from Service Hub.

Service agents can record their screen right from a ticket and send to customers, improving service and solving issues faster. Service teams can also host and embed videos in their knowledge base.

Bots + Automation

Use bots to improve live chat efficiencies and scale 1-to-1 communications by routing customers to relevant help documentation, the appropriate chat agent, and more.

Automate common management tasks like creating tickets and tasks, alerting your team when customers take specific actions, and more.

Enterprise Plan

Service Hub Enterprise


Advanced Goals

Give individual agents and teams the ability to report on metrics related to a specific customer goal, like response time, ticket volume, resolution time, and customer experience related metrics.


Build a library of best practices and resources like onboarding scripts to help you customer service team consistently delight customers.

Use rules-based automation to surface recommended content at the right time to managers on the phone having conversations with customers.

Add-On Or Standalone

HubSpot CMS

Build and host your entire site with HubSpot’s drag and drop website builder. Personalize content for every visitor, and publish mobile-optimized content all from within a single interface.

Closely Connected To CRM

Right out of the box, Service Hub is deeply connected to HubSpot CRM. Track contacts, companies, deals, tasks, tickets and more inside the #1 CRM for SMBs.

Already use a CRM system that you love like Salesforce? HubSpot has a fully supported native integration that is easy to set up and use (Professional and above.)

Part Of The HubSpot Platform

Sales Hub works in close concert with Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and hundreds of HubSpot app integrations. It’s easy to find and add all the additional tools your team loves, whenever it makes sense for your team.

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North America

Daniel is a seasoned HubSpot expert, bringing 20 years of service experience to the table. His remarkable tenure includes a term at HubSpot, where he efficiently resolved over 50,000 issues within a brief span of two years, maintaining a phenomenal 95% satisfaction rate. His specialized areas include CRM Management and Optimization, Automations, and Custom Solutions

North America

Daniel is a seasoned HubSpot expert, bringing 20 years of service experience to the table. His remarkable tenure includes a term at HubSpot, where he efficiently resolved over 50,000 issues within a brief span of two years, maintaining a phenomenal 95% satisfaction rate. His specialized areas include CRM Management and Optimization, Automations, and Custom Solutions.


As a HubSpot Implementation Manager for UDS, Jamie is committed to helping you implement and optimize HubSpot for your specific business needs. With experience in sales and marketing automations, social and app integrations and customer segmentation. Jamie’s focus is always ensuring a ROI for customers from their HubSpot investment.


An experienced Human Resources and Change Management professional with an extensive background working with small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) across various industries. Martin Péril has over 18 years of experience helping clients in technology, finance, real estate, cosmeceutical/medical, retail and hospitality grow their businesses. Martin works with international clients in the United States of America, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and Europe. With a passion for empowering businesses through effective systemisation & change management, Martin is committed to helping organisations achieve their full potential while dynamically embracing the ever-changing landscape. 

North America

As a HubSpot Implementation Manager at UDS, Rajat is here to provide a tailored solution for your HubSpot-related needs. Rajat focuses on unfolding and utilizing areas that can smooth the business process. Specializing in Marketing and Sales automation, CRM, and report building, he is motivated to achieve the goals you have set up regarding HubSpot. He also trains the client’s team to use HubSpot efficiently.


As a HubSpot Implementation Manager at UDS, Lachlan can help solve your HubSpot-related challenges. Lachlan will identify and optimize areas that can streamline your business processes, ensuring you get the most out of HubSpot.

With experience in Marketing and Sales automation, and report building, he’s driven to help you achieve your specific objectives within the HubSpot ecosystem. Lachlan’s approach is all about tailoring solutions to your unique needs.


Andrew started Ubique Digital Solutions in 2019 and not long after partnered with HubSpot. Andrew considers that our team are like a highly tuned racing pit crew for any company who has invested in HubSpot and now need their HubSpot portal tuned up. UDS Crawl, Walk, Jog and Run strategy ensures that we maximise our clients ROI on their investment.


As a HubSpot Implementation Manager at UDS he oversees all of our HubSpot projects. He specialises and generally takes the lead on more complex areas of a HubSpot Implementation, such as process automation, custom objects and custom reporting. James also provide consulting and training to anyone who’s looking to up skill and get the most out of their HubSpot Investment.