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Duda: A Website Builder for Agencies


What is Duda?

Duda is an advanced website builder and content management system that is designed to help anyone create their own website. It is the easiest way to build a website, blog, e-commerce store, or social media page.  Who is it for? Duda is intended for small business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, or anyone with basic content management skills. It also provides tools for designers to create and update websites such as agencies, businesses, and freelancers. It includes free and paid templates. It is the easiest way to build a website, blog, e-commerce store, or social media page.




Key Features of Duda Website Builder

Duda is a website builder that offers you the power to create an outstanding website without the need for any coding. It is flexible and can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks. It is free to use. It can create a website for you from scratch or use templates to customize it. It has a drag and drop interface with over 2,000 pre-made layouts, color schemes, and fonts to choose from. It also can integrate with Google Analytics, PayPal, and Stripe.


1.  App Store

You can add an app to Duda Editor if you wish to. You can click the App Icon and choose whatever app you like. Then, you can access it by purchasing the plan if required. Once done, you can immediately install it on your website. 


Duda Website Builder


2. It offers e-commerce with easy-to-manage online stores.

Its stores are designed to be mobile-friendly and have 40+ payment providers. It also provides coupons and gift cards and is superior in SEO.


Duda Website Builder


3. Duda Website Templates

You can choose different templates with unique designs and themes that would be suited for your brand. Each of the templates has its own set of features that will help you make your website more interactive and informative. You can see all the features and decide which template best suits your needs. In addition, each of these templates comes with a detailed step-by-step installation guide that tells you exactly what you have to do to install this template on your website.


website builder


4. Website Personalization

It makes website personalization easier. Aside from the ready-made actions for your website, such as notification bars and popups, you can also create your action. Activate personalizations with triggers such as time of day, geolocation, number of visits, device type, and more.


mobile websites


5. Mobile Websites

It enables clients to edit their website anywhere they are using on-the-go editor and Users & Permissions settings. In addition, it has mobile-friendly blogging and is designed to be capable of small screen mobile.


Widget Builder


6. Widget Builder

A widget is an interactive component or tool that can be embedded on your website. Widgets can be used to provide customized content, such as RSS feeds, social media, videos, and more. The widgets are simply shortcuts to features on the dashboard such as adding a contact form, adding an event calendar, adding a gallery, and more. You can build widgets in just a couple of hours using standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In addition, your clients will be able to edit the widgets you build easily using Duda’s standard UI and input options.


Custom Plan 

7. Custom Plan

The Custom Plan includes Unlimited Team Users, Unlimited API Calls, New Dynamic Pages, Site Comments, Premium White Label Support, Dedicated Account Manager, Tailored Onboarding, and Team Training. You can choose whatever plan you love that would fit for your business and needs.


White Label


8. White Label

White Label on Duda is an awesome feature that lets you create a totally customized website without having to touch a single line of code. This means you can concentrate on the important stuff… creating a killer website and selling it! A few of these helpful features are Client Log-In Screen, the Website Builder, the Website Preview Tools, and Email Communications. It also has Roles and Permission Features that help control the clients’ features and grant permission to the team members. It also has the On-the-Go Editing that allows clients to update their websites via mobile or tablets—making everything easy. It is also powered with a Template Gallery, Client Dashboard, and Email Communications. 


Duda’s Designing Features, SEO, and Blogs

Duda’s designing control is really powerful with some of its exceptional features. With its Flat IU Design that encourages conversion. Duda’s designing control is really powerful with some of its exceptional features. With its Flat IU Design that encourages conversion on your website using modern designs. It also has dozens of header layouts, and it makes the best website experience with a customized 404 Page. It has an image slider and background slider that creates a moving background. The Duda homepage includes a slider at the top with featured job postings. You can also have a Favicon that displays on a browser tab when a website is open. 




When it comes to blogs and search engine optimisation, Duda is really dynamic and up to date. Writing blogs enables multiple contributing authors. As a result, it increases the scope of the blog, making it more effective. The blog section of the site includes posts from various contributors. It also has a Smart Design, making a good visitor experience. You will also know how many people visit each post because of its automatic visitor tracking. It has a free SSL Certificate that you can install to make your SEO ranking improve, and a sitemap is also generated for each site that notifies search engines on which page they should take a look at. Duda can do more helpful things when it comes to SEO, such as Open Graph Support, meta keywords & descriptions, robots.txt, and many more.


Duda’s Infrastructure and Website Architecture

Duda’s website uses HTML and CSS to create a responsive design that will look good across all devices. The website was built on Bootstrap, which allows for an easier site build and faster deployment of updates. All Duda websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with no limit to bandwidth or storage. All its websites are optimized for Google PageSpeed. You can also customize your domain and also create backups for your websites. 


Duda websites


Here are some highlights you might not want to miss on Duda:

Drag-and-drop content builder

Social media integration

No coding skills are required

Customizable themes

Modern and responsive design

Cross-browser compatibility

Integrated Blog

Advanced site management

SEO friendly

Unlimited Pages


There is a lot more to learn about Duda. Most digital agencies and website developers choose Duda because of its very low price. Sure, this is a great product for small to medium-sized businesses. But, if you are a web developer or an agency with a big budget, Duda may not be the best choice for you. Most agencies choose this website builder because it reduces production time and automates your workflow. 


Duda websites


Duda website builder makes it easy and affordable for agencies and website developers to create profitable websites. Whether you are new to the Internet or a seasoned pro, Duda can help you create a powerful presence online with an easy-to-use, visual website builder. Simply drag and drop pages, photos, text, logos, and videos onto the canvas, publish your finished product, and start earning profits. So, if you want to have an amazing website for your business, Duda would be the right website builder for you. However, we recommend you have a professional and reliable agency to help you start your website. Ubique Digital Solutions can help you with everything you want to upgrade your business and start your dream website using Duda. UDS is a one-stop digital marketing agency that knows how to scale your business and rock the digital world flawlessly. Contact us today.

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