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Bronto Marketing Automation: Replacing it with HubSpot


Similarities of HubSpot and Bronto Marketing Automation

Bronto Marketing Automation


HubSpot is similar to Bronto in that they both provide SaaS products to help businesses grow. Both HubSpot and Bronto are focused on helping businesses grow through email marketing.

HubSpot and Bronto are email marketing platforms that offer automation, personalisation, and analytics.

They both have free Marketing Hub tools with different capabilities (HubSpot has more).

With HubSpot, you can:

  1. Email templates in the HubSpot marketplace.
  2. Customise or make your email template with HubSpot’s easy-to-use drag and drop editor.
  3. Personalise your email content, subject line, and preview text with tokens like name and company.
  4. Segment your lists and provide the most relevant content by targeting readers using the lifecycle stage or other details related to their HubSpot contact record.
  5. Automate emails and create lead nurturing and drip campaigns through HubSpot workflows.
  6. Dig into analytics to see who’s engaging with each email, on what device, when, and how often.


What is Bronto?

The Bronto Marketing Platform is a marketing automation software that helps e-commerce companies and major internet retailers with email marketing, mobile & social campaigns, shopping cart abandonment, post-purchase campaigns, and VIP and loyalty programs.


What are the differences between HubSpot and Bronto?

Bronto is an all-in-one marketing software platform that provides marketing automation, social, search, email, and analytics all in one place.

HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that helps marketers manage customer experience and buyers’ journeys. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub includes tools such as blogging, SEO, digital ads, social media, video, chatbot, and forms. It is scalable and easy to use for marketing teams of all sizes. It is a software company that offers different tiers for businesses of various sizes.

The differences between the two companies are aimed at helping businesses of different sizes achieve their goals. Bronto is focused on helping small businesses grow, whereas HubSpot is focused on helping larger businesses grow.


Key Benefits of Using Bronto Marketing Automation

  1. Bronto is a marketing automation software that allows you to create, send and manage email, mobile and social campaigns.
  2. Bronto’s reporting and analytics tool lets you create custom reports and dashboards that give you the insight you need to improve your business. You can track revenue and compare the performance of campaigns and messages.
  3. With the Bronto Marketing Platform, you can import data from over 30 different apps. You can import data from MarketLive, Magento, Demandware, and more. You can also export data from these apps, and you can connect Bronto to any 3rd party app.
  4. Use the drag-and-drop canvas to create workflows for marketing activities and campaigns. Add email, Facebook, Twitter, and SMS activities into the workflow.
  5. Use data from your e-commerce platform or Bronto to send targeted messages based on events and segment membership changes. Include personalised purchase data for increased relevancy.


Bronto Marketing Automation


What are HubSpot’s key features that can be an alternative for Bronto?

HubSpot is a powerful email marketing platform used by companies that want to attract new customers through their email campaigns. HubSpot coined the phrase “inbound marketing.” Therefore, it is not an email marketing solution in a narrow sense. HubSpot is a marketing automation solution that has the tools to engage prospects and nurture them into leads and customers.

HubSpot’s marketing email builder is designed to make it easy to create compelling emails that people want to read. You can start from scratch with an easy and intuitive email builder or use one of the goal-based templates available. The email marketing module is automatically connected to the CRM so that you can tailor emails based on contact details stored there.


Key features:

  1. Design and create emails with the drag-and-drop editor or select a pre-defined template.
  2. Use a buyer persona to guide your lead nurturing efforts
  3. You can customize email activities using the information in the CRM. For example, you can use CRM to identify people who are at a certain lifecycle stage or who have an existing email list.
  4. Automatically and individually tailored content can increase engagement with emails. 
  5. Use A/B testing and analytics to optimize your email activities.

HubSpot is a great alternative for Bronto because it can be used to track all of your customer interactions, including purchases, leads, and any other activity you want to incorporate into the customer journey.

HubSpot creates a dynamic tracking form that’s customised to each customer. You’ll be able to track every aspect of the purchase from the moment they land on your site to their checkout process. These are some of HubSpot’s amazing features that will surely help you with your business. 

The key is to know exactly what features you need and not pay for features you don’t.


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Bronto Marketing Automation


We Recommend HubSpot for Bronto Users

If you are a Bronto user, our team recommends HubSpot. We can help you understand how you can replicate your current Bronto processes and take your business to the next level. Just reach out to one of our onboarding experts in Ubique Digital Solutions who are experienced in migrating users off one platform to HubSpot.


Bronto Marketing Automation


Get In Touch

At Ubique Digital Solutions, we’re committed to empowering your brand’s success through our expertise as a HubSpot partner specializing in email marketing automation. With a focus on precision, personalization, and performance, we’ve helped countless businesses transform their email marketing strategies, driving engagement, conversions, and growth.

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Q: What should we learn from HubSpot as Bronto replacement?

As email marketing as an eCommerce channel grows, email marketing platforms should be able to keep up with the competition and offer better terms of service than those of their competitors.


Q: How do I automate marketing with HubSpot?

Automating marketing with HubSpot is a straightforward process. You can set up marketing automation by creating workflows in HubSpot. These workflows allow you to define triggers, actions, and conditions that guide your marketing efforts. For example, you can automatically send personalized emails, score leads, or nurture prospects based on their behavior and interactions with your content. HubSpot provides user-friendly tools and templates to help you get started with marketing automation.


Q: Is HubSpot marketing automation free?

HubSpot offers both free and paid marketing automation solutions. The free version, HubSpot CRM, includes basic marketing automation features like email marketing, lead capture, and contact management. However, for more advanced marketing automation capabilities, such as lead nurturing, behavior-based triggers, and in-depth analytics, you may need to consider one of HubSpot’s paid Marketing Hub packages, which offer a wider range of tools and features tailored to your business needs.

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