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A huge amount of data is being generated everywhere and these data were being analysed to create business decisions. For that, Business Intelligence (BI) tools are created and available in the market to convert raw data into useful business insights. 


So here, we are going to talk about the Top 5 Business Intelligence Tools that stand out from the crowd and are the choice of millions of organizations looking for great business insights.

So, let’s begin with the first one. Tableau is a powerful business intelligence tool that is being deployed by the majority of enterprises now. It enables you to distinguish the complex trend patterns and then convert them into actionable insights.

Now one can simply create Tableau dashboards in minutes through simple drag and drop of data fields. Friends, let me tell you that you don’t really need to have any technical knowledge to explore and build tableau dashboards. Yes, that’s correct, so it’s simply accessible on any device, and the results are crystal clear for anybody to understand and implement at any time now.

Tableau offers five main projects such as:

1. Tableau Desktop
2. Server
3. Tableau Online
4. Reader
5. Tableau Public

Now let us see some of the important features of Tableau. So in Tableau, you can simply select the data and switch between visualizations on the fly. Tableau, actually visualizes data from the very start allowing you to see this significant right way. Now, Tableau also gives the users different ways to answer questions as they investigate through data visualization. It also provides a variety of implementation and consulting services for enterprise-level deployment.

It also allows users to create custom formulas that are not available in most of the tools. Finally, it offers hundreds of native connectors to easily pull, cleanse, and correlate data from practically any source without creating custom code.

So, using these tableau features, you can simply come up with your visualization that can actually ring in the cash register for any business enterprise. So hence, the opportunities are really huge in this industry. Once you know Tableau, you can simply get vast career opportunities, just like business intelligence analysts, business analysts, senior analysts, or senior operations analysts. And then, if I talk about the salary perspective, Tableau professionals can have up to around a hundred to thousand dollars per annum, which is so great.


And then next on the list for top BI tool that we’ve got, Informatica.


So Informatica is a data integration tool based on ETL architecture. Informatica is named a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for data integration tools for the 11th consecutive year. Yes, so it actually gathers data from various sources and then loads it into distinctive targets. Then it is also strong enough to handle huge volumes of structured or unstructured data, just like flat files, databases, log files, etc.


It also provides data integration, software, and services for various businesses, industries, and government organizations, including telecommunication, healthcare, financial, and insurance. Finally, it is high-performing and yet very simple for developing, maintaining, administering, and hence considered as more advantages than ETL. Now features of the Informatica power center are designed for the use of administrators, developers, and professionals.


So Informatica ETL products include the first one is metadata manager, development capabilities, a set of productivity and visual tools, and finally, metadata-driven architecture. So, the Informatica power center is being deployed by some of the giant corporations. Hence there’s an insatiable demand for Informatica professionals. Some of the important designations offered for Informatica professionals are BI developer with Informatica specialist developer, Informatica business analyst, etc. And then, if I again talk about salary, Informatica Developers in the United States can earn up to one hundred and two thousand dollars per year, which is not a bad start.


Business intellegence tool showing data in analytics

Certainly, and then third on the list, we have got MSBI. MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. It is one of the top business intelligence data and mining tools, so it helps the organization by creating interactive dashboards and scoreboards. It is also capable of producing quick and exact output through a search engine, despite heavy volumes of data.

It also consists of tools that assist in providing optimized solutions for business intelligence and data mining queries. Now, MSBI uses Visual Studio and SQL Server, which empowers users to access the accurate and correct information for a superior decision.

So again, MSBI is divided into three categories.

1. SQL Server Integration Services
2. SQL Server Analytical Services
3. SQL Server Reporting Services

The first one is SQL Server Integration Services, so this is a platform for building high-performance data, integration and workflow solutions, including extraction transformation and loading operations for data warehousing. And then we have got SQL Server Analytical Services. Now, this is the process of converting two-dimensional or rows and columns data into the multi-dimensional data model. So it is mainly used to analyze the large volumes of data, and then finally, we have got SQL Server reporting services.


Now, it is an enterprise reporting platform that supports both traditional and interactive reports delivered over the web, and again it also supports both dimensional and multi-dimensional data. So its features growing popularity and zooming job trends. Microsoft BI is all set to take on the world of business intelligence and is rightfully so.


Some of the job trends are ETL developer, BI Developer, technical developer, and MSBI Developer. The average salary of an MSBI developer is around one hundred and seven thousand dollars. And then, there is a continuous rise in MSBI job postings and job seekers.


And then, we have the next to BI tool on our list, which is Cognos 11. So it is one of the leading technology platforms in today’s world and Cognos analytics. Eleven software is an online-based business intelligence platform that offers a complete array of BI software to address company goals.

Now again, it is comprised of over 30 different products. So, its abilities include dashboarding, analytics, reporting, score carding, and notably, data integration. So it provides intuitive and immersive user experiences mainly focused on analytics and discovery, and then here data governance and business. Its collaboration provides the ability to manage its information knowledge and to answer questions, and then it has also got smarter and more embeddable analytics. 

Now, IBM Cognos allows organizations to outshine others by providing its unique features, just like analytics, in which the key business questions are answered. In a fraction of seconds, using an AP technique and then collective intelligence, this is equipped with collaboration and social networking that streamline the processes and, finally, insight. Now again, it allows business people to respond to real-time situations and then there’s a lot of Hotaling coming into the domain. Just like Cognos consultant, Cognos BI manager, each Cognos, BI developer, dream of modular and Cognos administrator and then the average salary for IBM, Cognos analytics ranges from approximately $ 50,000 per year.

Microsoft Power BI

And finally, on the list, we have got BI Microsoft’s power. 
BI is a cloud-based business analytics service for analyzing and visualizing data, so it produces creative and simple reports and publishes them for a specific organization. Now, using Power BI, anyone can simply create personalized dashboards with a unique 360-degree view of their business. 
So, first, it will connect with a wide variety of data sources and then shape the data according to your needs. Then it models the data using relationships, calculation measures, and hierarchies using visual tools and a custom gallery. You can create stunning reports for our business. All sides, and finally, once you create reports, it publishes the reports securely and sets up automatic data refresh. 

So now that you know the Top 5 BI Tools leading the industry, do take advantage of your career opportunities that come with the expertise in these particular tools. So upgrade your skills with Ubique Digital Solution programs and packages, which is one of the Best e-learning platforms, so you’ll get the best for yourself and your business.

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